BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBTYet another interesting case brought here by courtesy of CRIMELINE. A “must be read” Appeal against a decision by a lay bench. A short time ago I remarked that a bench should not be reticent in querying the advice of a legal advisor. Any L/A worth his/her position would welcome such questions and be able to respond appropriately. This case demonstrates that to some degree benches must be awake to occasional overstepping of the mark by their L/As. To digress slightly it is my practice, when a newly appointed L/A unfamiliar with my (our) preferences has sat down with us in the retiring room during deliberations on fact finding, to ask that we be left to our own devices until we have reached our conclusion. The L/A should certainly be sure that the decision reached was in a correctly structured fashion and that no salient points were overlooked. Beyond that a bench should be able to get on with its job.