DOUBTIt happens to all of us but it`s still a surprise when a word, phrase or topic brings to instant recall an incident long thought buried in the recesses of the mind. This account of a wife`s informing police of her husband`s drink driving instantly reminded me of an action many years ago.

A professional colleague was known to be a heavy drinker but it was only on a day when almost simultaneously a client reported to me that if “that other fellow” smelling of alcohol at 11.00am had been advising her again she would have walked out and another colleague told me he had seen Mr X almost fall into his car the previous evening that it occurred to me to take some action. We all knew that he had been previously disqualified for drink driving and there was gossip that he had been known to drive before his ban was up. I called the local police station, spoke to the duty sergeant giving my name and position and all my colleague`s details and left it at that. Two days later he was stopped, arrested for drink driving and eventually received 28 days immediate custody at the local magistrates` court situated about fifty miles from my own court.

To this day I know I did the right thing but there is still just a hint of a doubt.