WOLF ATE THE BOY“I`ll stop smoking after I`ve finished this cigarette”; “when did you stop beating your wife”? “why should I return excess change....it`s their fault”, “so I have bought a cheap telly from a guy in a pub”, “one more fix and I`ll stop”...those comments and many similar have been made and heard a thousand times from the payment of cleaners in cash to M.P,s and their Lordships insisting all would be well after realising their mistakes and making appropriate repayments. In other words we`re all fine fellows with good intentions and want to see the law enforced where the bad guys get their just deserts....bollocks!

Recently the Institute of Advanced Motorists, a group of self selected arrogant drivers, has revealed....note the term “revealed”:- “made known by inspiration”, “displayed”, “shown that which was previously hidden”, “exposed”...that with approximately 211,000 motorists prosecuted for mobile phone use in 2010 alone, an organisation called GEM Motoring Assist`s survey results show that 91% of UK drivers think the penalties should be increased to act as more of a deterrent. This is another so called survey the results of which we are led to believe apply to the UK`s drivers in general. David Williams, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist is quoted as saying, “It’s interesting to see that drivers themselves believe that the penalties are not severe enough.”

With so much self serving nonsense such as this is it any wonder that when well analysed statistical information agreed by peer review on any matter from medical research to GM foods to global warming is made public it is often greeted by a large yawn and a “so what”.

One day the wolf ate the boy before he could warn the village.