CHIEF POLICE OFFICERS STAFF ASSOCIATIONThe current “we`re all in it together” mantra from David Cameron and others seems to becoming more a target balloon to be shot down than a political football to be kicked around. Undoubtedly the subject of police “reforms” is one of the biggest if not THE biggest thorn in the side of government. With an Olympic Games just a few weeks away requiring the biggest ever security operation ever seen in peacetime Britain and the election of Police Commissioners due to take place before the year`s end, a Police Federation conference giving the current Home Secretary an experience she`ll never forget, the re-establishment of police prosecutors in magistrates` courts, proposed reduction in police officer numbers of more than 10%, privatisation of some direct to public police services, direct entry to police at superintendent level just some of the policing issues hitting the headlines.

The scandal of private limited companies set up by senior civil servants has been found to be not of just a single individual but a pattern of appointment totally at odds with any notion of what is acceptable for a civil servant. Some might say there lies a similar situation with this country`s senior police officers. A certain well read blogger by name of Inspector Gadget is well known for his disparaging opinion of those to whom he must when needs be doff his cap. There is an interesting report in the Yorkshire Post on the topic of the funding of the Chief Police Officers Staff Association. There is certainly nothing wrong with such people having a trade union to represent them in discussion with employers. The “who pays what for what” argument is well rehearsed. Look however at the representations made by this CPOSA on December 10th last year to Tom Winsor re his Independent Review of Police Officers’ and Staff Remuneration and Conditions. Read at least pp4 & 5 and make up your mind whether there is any mileage in Inspector G`s contempt for his superiors.