EARLY RELEASE FROM JAILIt`s more likely than not that in some newspaper or report there is a daily reference to the apparently lenient treatment handed out to an offender. Being in the privileged position of being able to read the record of a convicted offender on the Police National Computer prior to sentencing one has become used to apparent illogical sentences.

At a sitting not so long ago we had a young man before us having pleaded guilty to possessing a few bags of cannabis. What was surprising was that just under a year previously he had been sentenced to three years for blackmail and was therefore currently out on license. Needless to say we were told that probation had no interest in his latest folly. Perhaps there is a group within the senior judiciary which is pressing for a realistic sentencing regime which will realign sentencing to the reality of actual time likely to be served and in addition place greater controls on prison governors over their authorising early release and then again perhaps not………….