ROONEY POLICEMANThere has been much talk of late in government circles of ending the “one wage fits all” philosophy of paying publicly funded workers from nurses to legal advisors. Of course the ubiquitous “London Weighting” to some extent is this policy in action albeit by another name.

One of the lesser publicised recommendations of the Winsor Report on policing is that experienced officers applying for a transfer from their “training” force to a position in another force should have a transfer fee paid by the new employer to the previous in respect of paying for all or part of his/her previous training costs. Whilst all or some of the Report`s conclusions are ill advised or controversial to say the least this one is a total nonsense. Businesses of whatever nature whether Premier Division football clubs or a chain of hairdressing shops detached from the state’s clutches can offer golden handshakes to whomsoever they think fit which in the minds of the shareholders make good business sense. Publicly funded entities like the police do not have that luxury. It is rather odd that such a proposal saw the light of discussion and was not aborted at conception. Then again having private security companies patrol the public streets must have seemed equally ridiculous twenty years ago.