three-face-maskThere can`t be two more diverse figures in the public eye than Russell Brand comedian and media personality and Nick Herbert status seeking Minister for Police at the Ministry of Justice. There is also a complete nonentity named Victoria Fox of whom more later. All three have been making public statements associated with drug addiction.

Mr Herbert, who espouses more nonsense in five minutes than most of us can manage in an hour, was in Washington D.C. on Monday where he gave a speech entitled "Smart on Crime". From him that was an oxymoron considering some of the suggestions he has made since taking office. To quote from his speech, “Those with substance misuse problems should be put on courses that clean them up rather than just maintaining the habit”. Aren`t these fine words? However the substance [pun intended] seems to be lacking considering the virtual non existence of publicly funded clinics to compare eg with The Priory.

Russell Brand seeking to emphasise that mode of attire is no indication of depth of intelligence…..whether his or that of the august members of the parliamentary select committee before whom he appeared earlier this week……appealed for the scourge of drug addiction to be considered a medical problem. As a former addict himself his opinion was significant. He had had the financial means to seek a cure through abstinence.

And now the third person whose public statement on drug addiction made the news in the Norwich Advertiser on April 24th. A self confessed drug addict with a long list of convictions Victoria Fox pleaded for a prison sentence so that she might kick her habit. In her own misguided way she might not have been altogether aware that most of our prisons are permeable to all manner of illegal drugs but the principle is clear enough. She wants to be held in a drug free environment where she can go cold turkey. Such places exist……….for a price. When oh when will a government face the reality that drug addiction will not be controlled never mind cured by legal sanction? Please inform any aerodynamic porcine seen over London SW1.

Now that`s off my chest I`m taking the high road to the northern parts of this island for a week or so where the rain is continuous and the whisky wonderful.....slainte mhath.