VIDEO COURTYou`ve been arrested in Hatfield for a summary offence and held in a police cell. A duty solicitor has spoken with you and you decide to plead guilty and you still are in the police station. You are taken into a room equipped with a screen and a video camera and by CCTV you are shown the officials present at the local court and they, you by virtue of the CCTV link. It is uncertain if you will be sentenced there and then because the court might not be in possession of the information required prior to coming to a decision. A further date will be arranged for your appearance in person at court. In the event you plead not guilty the matter will be adjourned for your trial. You will be required to complete a form with the help of the solicitor if needed upon which your defence to the charge will be based including the witnesses you intend to call. You will be released at the police`s discretion assuming bail is granted without special conditions having to be considered. This is how the Hertfordshire public is benefitting [not my words] from our new improved justice system.