ASBOs WITHERINGA month ago fellow blogger Legal Eagle posted on the poor quality of the wording of ASBOs in which he had been involved on behalf of his clients. The latest figures published this week in a parliamentary answer of the number of ASBOs granted in the magistrates` courts of Greater London go a long way to explain this apparent lack of semantic clarity in their construction. Quite simply there are so few applied for that those responsible for their terms; prosecutors, legal advisors, DJs and benches have lost sight of their purpose and the requirement for clearly stated simplicity in their prohibitions. The actual numbers granted for the years 2006 2010 were 130, 134, 68, 55 and 68 respectively. It follows therefore without too much thought that most of those involved have had no experience at all of this disposal; its construction or its purpose. Indeed most J.P.s of five years tenure have never sat on such an application. On taking office the Home Secretary indicated that they would be replaced by CRASBOs. Judging by these figures the ASBO is withering on the vine and not before time.