U  TURNI was reading an amusing if it weren`t so typically indicative report in the Law Society Gazette about the difficulties courts have experienced about the non attendance of interpreters since the recent contract allocation to ALS for all such services. The story is priceless but an indictment of another cock up by the Justice department.

The realities of the situation struck another note, however, last weekend at a social event when I found myself in conversation with a court interpreter of Czech and Slovakian qualified to standards higher than the highest requirement for the courts. Naturally enough I discussed the current situation with her. Neither she nor any single one of her colleagues had joined ALS and have no intention of doing so in the future. But what really showed her attitude to this latest crazy decision by government re the justice system was that she and the colleagues personally known to her had refused and will continue to refuse emergency requests issued since courts were given the opportunity to revert to previous practice. At her level she has no shortage of work. It seems that if this attitude is common in the profession the government and/or ALS is soon going to make one gigantic U turn. How many would that be in two years?