pushmepullmeI have written here previously that justice and particularly its application to the realities of those who seek to break the law varies as the length of womens` skirts varies according to the level of the F.T. indices......they all go up when times are good and drop when economic fortunes are on the wane. Or perhaps the swing of the pendulum is a more likely simile. Certainly a comparison with Dr Doolittle`s pushmepullme is not far fetched.

The coalition, after almost two years in office, is thinking about crime and punishment. Kenneth Clarke, it seems, is not going to be given any more rope. Whether he and/or his department have had enough to hang themselves remains to be seen. Theresa May is another in a long line of Home Secretaries who has found the job almost impossible. Whilst Tony Blair has a lot to answer for he will be remembered for the phrase ,Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime, {04/10/1994} if nothing else. Perhaps D.Cameron feels his Tony moment is nigh?