MOBILE USE DRIVINGLong before it became compulsory to avoid penalty points and a fine I wore a seat belt which was a standard fitting in many cars before its use became obligatory. Similarly when I bought my first mobile phone about 16 years ago I hand a hands free kit fitted to my car even though there was no legal requirement not to use it in the hand. It seemed obviously so much safer and worth the cost. It is apparent that similar thinking did not enter the minds of the 171,000 people in the latest yearly analysis who were subject to 3 points and a £60 fine for using a hand held mobile whilst driving. It is said that there is now consideration being given to increasing the fine to perhaps £100 from the present £60. IMHO it is highly unlikely that an additional £40 will be much of a deterrent to continued hand held use. When the cost of a new mobile can be as much as £400 or £30+/month surely it must be obvious that the only worthwhile counter to this most dangerous habit is to increase the penalty points upon conviction or acceptance of a fixed penalty to 5 or more penalty points. Whether or not that common sense approach will be taken time will tell.