JUDGE CAPTION RE DUTY OF CAREI do not sit on youth matters so if the following is of common knowledge please skip this post. Adult sitters might learn something useful as I have certainly done.

A case of a youth reported last week in Exeter Express & Echo caught my attention insofar as the judge commented when discussing the local authority that, “They have a duty, not a power, to help him." The report can be read here. The essence is that under the The Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 a local authority is duty bound to follow certain procedures to the benefit of a young person previously in care. In the light of proposed budgetary reductions it will of interest as to what priority these expensive interventions will receive. The date of the legislation in the first years of the Blair administration when public money was flowing fairly freely is perhaps indicative of other “promises to pay” which are now frankly unaffordable.